Hi guys! Spring is HAPPENING! (Well, for all but our poor beta tester Joy, up in Canada--- Sorry, Joy!) This means I have lots of new SPRING pictures to play with, and I want to show you how awesome Spring 2 is looking on these sessions. I thought I'd try something new so I made a quick GIF animation to show just how many options this collection can give you for any given image. 

This example shows 11 presets from Spring 2 on an image by the lovely and talented Jacey Jordan. Whether you like warm or cool, soft or contrasty, there's something for every style in this set. 


I've also gotten the chance to play with Spring 2 on some early spring images by new beta tester Dana Houston. Her work is beautiful! Here are some recent favorites. 

Spring 2: LemonDrop

Spring 2: Rosebud

Spring 2: SpringFever

Spring 2: SpringFever

Spring 2: Strawberry

BUT WAIT! There's more good news! Now through FRIDAY, April 15th, you can snag some great deals on ALL our products to get you through the busy spring and summer season! 


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