Brandon Waycaster is the award-winning photographer and owner of Breathe Life Photography, which specializes in maternity, newborn and glamour sessions based in Johnson City, Tennessee.  After years of traveling the east coast, he has come back to his roots, and has revolutionized the market in his home area by developing a brand experience like none other.  With his team of amazing artists and photographers, the company has managed to develop a client base from all around the world.  A witty big-kid with a big heart and a creative mind, Brandon spends his spare time celebrating life with his family, his partner and his "Jack Russell Terrorist," Kylie.  


How long have you been shooting professionally?

Nearly 10 years ago, I started out on a mounted film camera.  Lots has changed over the years!

What inspires you to create?
The moment a person is in front of my camera, inhibitions gone, and the very moment they look into your lens.  It's the light that shines from within, when their at their most raw, true form.  It fades quickly, but I'm left with elation, a constant craving to capture it over and over.  With my babies, there's something magical that happens in those first few days of living...I am truly privileged to capture those first moments in a way that's so creative.  It's these reasons I am able to get out of bed and fall in love with my craft, over and over.


How have Silky Presets changed the way you work?
I've collected several collections of actions and presets over time.  I've often found myself tweaking and reworking each one until it fits my style.  But the moment I used Silky Presets, I fell in love.  One click, and I was sold.  I wasn't spending hours adjusting and fine-tuning.  It literally cut my editing time down to at least a quarter of the time!  Silky Presets has changed our overall workflow, and has given me the opportunity to focus on other areas of the business.  I can't say it enough...these presets are absolutely the best asset to our workflow and one of the best investments we've made for our business.  Hands down.

Which 3 presets could you not live without (and why?)

It's hard to pick just 3!
Delicate - an absolute MUST for all newborn photographers, this one truly is a one-click wonder!
Dark Chocolate - talk about a rich, deliciously sweet black and white.  Finally a warm black and white I love!
Sapphire - A refreshing cool preset that brings out the editorial feel in my glamour sessions.  I absolutely love this one.


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