Devin Burke is the 17 year old photographer behind C&D Photography located in Southern Maine. He specializes in senior, couple, and maternity photography. Devin is a cheerful, sassy, and outgoing individual, who loves Betty White. He has taken people by surprise with his age, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dream. Devin has been featured in the Maine Weather Calendar, was the official photographer for the local fair and little league, and shot his first wedding at age 16. He can’t wait to see where the rest of his career will take him, he’s hoping to someplace warm!

How long have you been shooting professionally?
It has been about three years now!

What inspires you to create?
So many things in life inspire me. Seeing my clients faces when I show them the back of the camera, or when they thank me for making them look beautiful. I’m inspired to create to let everyone see how beautiful they truly are. When Mom’s cry tears of happiness when they see the photos of their kids, or when seniors feel like models. I’m inspired by making people feel good about themselves in a world where so few people do. The beautiful things mother nature gives to photograph inspires me. Another inspiration is other photographers. They inspire me to be more creative, to shoot for the stars, and to be who I am.

How have Silky Presets changed the way you work?
Many Lightroom presets I’ve used I had to adjust over and over again to fit my needs or they only worked on a few of my images. Silky Presets are so versatile, one click and BAM it’s perfection. They have sped up my editing and brought out everything I always wanted from my images, warm rich colors.  


What's your favorite Silky Presets collection (and why?)
Oh my! How could I ever pick just one? If I had to choose I would have to choose the Silky Spring collection! I just love the colors it brings out in my images!

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