One of the most important decisions I made when I started Silky Presets was the decision to form a team of about 25 beta testers from all specialties of portrait photography, to help me test and refine every single preset and collection I created. They've been an invaluable resource, lending their beautiful images, their time, and their unique insights to every step of the process from concept to the finished product. Some are veteran photographers, others are relatively new to the craft, and they come from all over the world and specialize in everything from births to family portraits to weddings. 

I think the most exciting thing about working with such diverse talents and styles has been seeing how each of them has been able to find their niche in our products. They all constantly surprise me, using a particular preset in ways I would never have thought of, taking what I've made and making it truly their own. 

I asked them to share some of their work, as well as some thoughts about their time using these presets. So without further ado, let me show you some of the amazing talent behind Silky Presets.


JESSE BLAKE -- Jesse Blake Photography

Billings, Montana


Favorite Collections: Summer, Silver, Siren (Coming soon!) 
Must Haves: Buttered Toast, Toast, Hey Jude. The Adjustment Kits and Strokes (Brushes, coming soon!)


Jesse says: "Silky Presets have completely changed my business and the way I view my work. I wasn't happy with my style AT ALL and my business and work were totally suffering. Finally achieving the color and edits I was after has completely transformed my work. The level of artistic control these presets provide is incredible and the difference in my work is palpable. I've never been so busy. I honestly don't think it would have happened without the recent transformation in my post processing. I finally feel like I know my work as an artist, now that my post processing abilities/constraints are no longer hampering my creativity."


Edited with Heat (from Siren, coming soon!) + Deeply Matte




DEVIN BURKE - C&D Photography  

Lebanon, Maine 
Favorite Collections- Spring, Adjustment Kits


Devin says: "When I saw Silky Presets I just about died, they were incredible and just seemed to scream my name. When I received my first 30 for testing, my obsession grew, they were so easy to use, my editing time sped up, and my work improved. I got compliments on my editing from other photographers saying how much they love my edits and love how much I've grown. I grew more in love with my edits and my work. I loved how easily I could create an image that I love, and one that suit my style. These past six months my work has been taken to a new level and I have Silky Presets to thank for a lot of that."



Edited with SummerOfLove + Strong Clarity Boost


Edited with DaisyChain + Visible Clarity Boost 


BRITTANY BERRY - Brittany Berry's Photography

Fort Gay, West Virginia

Favorite Collections: Silver, Shine

Must Haves: Toast, Buttered Toast, DarkChocolate, StoneFox, HeyJude, Wonder, Ladybug

Brittany says: "What can I say, I have been a huge fan of the Silky line since they first announced their launch. I honestly didn't think I could fall in love with a preset, but here I am and I could not imagine sitting down to edit without them. I have found my style and my place in the photography world and I owe that all to Silky, they have transformed my work from boring everyday snapshots to peices of art that I am proud of, that my clients want to display in their homes and show off to their loved ones. I will forever be a fan of Silky presets and a loyal customer, there is just nothing else out there like them!"


Edited with Toast, Deeply Matte, A Bit Warmer, Skin Less Orange, Strong Vignette, Highlights Down

Edited with DramaQueen (freebie!) + Sharpening 1 , A Bit Warmer, Skin Less Orange

Edited with Burnout + Warm Light Top Left, Sharpening 2 + Quick Eye Enhancer (from Strokes, coming soon!) 


Edited with Popcorn, Dark Matte, A Bit Warmer, Highlights Down, Skin Less Orange, Enhance All Colors


JOY BLACKBURN -- Joy of Life Photography

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Favorite Collections:  Spring and the Adjustment Kits
Must Haves:  Ladybug, Wonder, Cowardly Lion, Buttered Toast, Nudge.


Joy says: "I've been a Lightroom user for quite some time and tried a variety of presets with varying degrees of success.  The big problem I've always had with presets is that each set seems designed for the way the person who created the set, shoots.  If the person shoots underexposed the set works on underexposed images but totally blows out properly exposed or overexposed images and vice versa.  Obviously you can deal with some of this by messing with slider adjustments but who wants to be messing around with that all the time?  I love my work, but I have three kids ages 2 and under and time is at a premium these days.  What I need is something I can use with one or two clicks and move on.  I need as streamlined a workflow as possible and that's what Silky gives me.  Do all the presets work perfectly on every image every time?  No, of course not, every image is different, but I've been able to pinpoint a group of presets that I know will work with my shooting style and if, when I apply them, they aren't exactly what I want I can usually get there with one or two clicks by using the adjustment kits.  My personal style is very warm and colourful so I tend to use the warming and colour intensifying adjustments a lot.  It takes the preset and really allows me to make it "mine".  Could I do this using sliders?  Sure, but it takes more time, and more fiddling around, with the adjustment kit it's a no brainer…exactly what someone suffering from mommy brain most of the time needs!" 


Edited with Silky Strokes (brushes) plus HollywoodBW from Silky Siren (both coming soon)
Edited with Ladybug +  A Bit Warmer + Grass Greener
 Edited with Hey Jude
Edited with DaisyChain + A Bit Warmer

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