When I set out to build the set Simply Autumn, I approached it with the previous fall season in mind. I remembered the non-stop sessions and the hours and hours and HOURS of editing. I wanted to build an action set that you could add to your workflow so that you could actually enjoy this season with your families. Here is what a couple of photographers in Johnson City, Tennessee have to say about how Simply Autumn helped speed up their workflow and gave them back their fall season!!





Autumn is such an exciting time of the year! Setting up shop in Tennessee, we see people from all over who come down just for our fall season. The foothills are rampant with color, enveloping us in a sea of rich golds and reds. Needless to say, the Appalachias serve as an excellent backdrop for gorgeous outdoor pictures, and there's nothing I love more than taking in many clients and giving them gorgeous portraits they'll treasure for years to come but part of me knew I had to perfect a quick, effortless workflow to ensure my clients received prompt service without sacrificing quality.



As diligent, meticulous hand-editors, finding a workflow without cutting corners can be a bit of a nightmare. In times past, we have spent so much time and money trying to find action sets that worked well without taking a lot of tuning to get exactly the look and style we wanted for our sessions, with no definitive luck. However, we knew we had great luck adapting Simply Actions into our workflow throughout the year, with impeccable sets that really gave the finishing touches I loved in an image without having to spend time on perfecting it. So when we had heard Simply Actions was developing a set for the autumn season, We were beyond elated to get our hands on the set and see how it worked with our fall images.



We honestly have to say, this has been our favorite set to date.



With this set we've managed to perfect a quick, effortless workflow without cutting into all the fun things we love to do in the autumn season. As a matter of fact, we've developed the quickest workflow we've had to date, all thanks to the deliciously scrumptious Simply Autumn Action Set.
We are giving our clients rich, gorgeous colors without sacrificing the ethereal feel we love so much.


We were simply blown away at how easy and playful this set is to integrate, and even had so much fun playing with multiple actions on a single image. The possibilities were simply endless for us, and that's something we've never found elsewhere with action sets.


We highly encourage every photographer to venture into the world of Simply Actions, particularly the Simply Autumn Action Set.
Get the whole set....you'll be quite impressed with how well the actions adapt into nearly any and every shoot scenario you could face in natural light. The Simply Autumn Action Set really produces a well polished, impressive image without compromise. Layer the actions and see what possibilities you can come up with on your own.
This is one set of actions you definitely want to keep around, even after the autumn seasonAs a matter of fact, we've even integrated a few of the actions into our glamour workflow, to give that cutting-edge, editorial feel that fashion magazines are trending to....and our clients are raving at the results. We absolutely cannot say it enough, this set truly is something for everyone.

You deserve a chance to enjoy this season as well! Cut back on your editing time and enjoy this season's splendors. As a matter of fact, for the first time in years, we actually had the time to carve a pumpkin, something we've always loved to do but just didn't have the time. You owe it to yourself to spend less time in post and more time enjoying the beautiful, fun things this season has to offer. You'll be thankful you did!


Thank you Brandon and John of Breathe Life Photography for these beautiful words and stunning images! <3 All of these images were edited with layers of Simply Autumn actions, but I do know that Red Leaves, Cider, September and Acorn are their all time favourite go-to's from this set! 

For this weekend in celebration of their beautiful recommendation you can get Simply Autumn for $10 off!! Use Code BLPFALL10 * to get these ten actions for ONLY $30!! And go back to enjoying this beautiful fall season!! <3

*discount code is only valid in the Simply Actions shop.

(Please note: Simply Actions is designed by Reina Procee of Reina Procee Photography and are meant to be used on Photoshop CS5,6 and CC - If you need Presets for your fall photos be sure to check out Liberty's Silky Presets fall set: Silky Spice!)

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  1. Brandon

    Thank you, lady!!! I really have to say, Reina outdid herself! I’m absolutely thrilled with this set, and I’m glad I got to show off some really adorable pictures! :)

  2. Liberty

    LOOOOOVE these images and the edits! Brandon, John, and Reina, you are all amazing :)

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