I don't know about you guys, but I need a little fun between now and Thanksgiving, so I figured it was time for another Pick-Your-Favorite mini-giveaway ;) Here we have FIFTEEN unique Silky Presets looks; all you have to do is comment below with your favorite preset for a chance to win ALL 15 PRESETS (a $45 value!) Entries will be accepted through Sunday, November 9th, at NOON EST  and winner will be notified via email later on Sunday. 

But wait! There's more!!! I will give away one of these sets of 15 for every 50 entries--so TELL YOUR FRIENDS! :D 

Have fun and let the voting commence!! --Liberty, Silky Presets


This STUNNING image belongs to April Harmon Photography. 


1. ButteredToast

2. Chive

3. Dragonfly

4. DustyRose

5. FrontPorch

6. Gritty

7. Hops

8. ImpactBW

9.  Jalapeño

10. JumperCables

11. Midnight

12. PeachyKeen

13. Picnic

 14. RainyDayBW

15. Sunwashed

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  1. Lauri Taliman

    I really dig the jalapeno & rainy day BW
    I have most of the other ones, love them!!! ;)

  2. Mick

    dragonfly is my favourite!
    Love from Norway :)

  3. Rebecca

    I really like Front Porch, its hard to choose they are all so stunning

  4. Liberty Kifer

    CONGRATULATIONS to comment #44, Leanne Waite! I will be contacting you momentarily! :D

  5. Sarah

    i like them all but favourite is number 9.

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