I am so excited today to finally be releasing the Silky Special FX Collection! It's been a huge undertaking putting together all these new and fun effects, and it's taken a ton of trial and error, but this finished product is something I'm really proud of and I think it will open up all kinds of new creative possibilities for the way we use Lightroom!

This set contains some things I've never seen done anywhere else, including some gorgeous lens flares and sun bursts, bokeh and texture overlays, tilt-shift blur, and frames! So without further ado, let's jump right into a quick visual tour of what Special FX has to offer! 


- Fill Lights

These radial presets were created for situations where your subject is too dark, but you don't necessarily want to brighten the entire image. These handy one-click additions come in 3 strengths/styles and each style comes in warm, neutral, and cool versions, so you get just the right fill light every time. And since this preset uses radial filters, it can be applied on top of another base preset, or worked into a hand-editing workflow just as easily. 

before and after Center Fill Light 2-Warm

before and after Center Fill Light 2-Neutral

- Hazes

Hazes apply a shadow-lifting and softening effect that gives images a dreamy feel. Initially I designed them with newborn photographers in mind, but testing showed that they can be just as useful and lovely on outdoor images--especially the color hazes! They also combine in beautiful ways with our base presets--particularly on images that are still a bit dark or high-contrast--to give the final image a gentler, more airy feel. There are nine Hazes in all: Bright, Gentle, Soft, Warm, Cool, Pink, Peach, Purple, and Sunset. 

before & after Warm Haze

before (with Faith from Soul) + Soft Haze

- Light Leaks

I've included 12 Light Leaks in Special FX. Many of you may already be familiar with light leaks for one reason or another, but in case you're not, they're basically random patterns of light and color that often happen by accident when shooting film, particularly if using an older or cheaper camera and/or lens. Many people (myself included) find these abberations to be quite beautiful, and so I've given you a selection of imitated light leaks to play with on your own photos. Some are fairly subtle, and others are quite dramatic. I think you'll enjoy the variety! 

before and after Light Leak 5

before and after Light Leak 9 

- Spotlights

Now you can add instant drama to your images with Spotlights. Similar to vignettes in that they darken the outer part of the photo without brightening anywhere, nevertheless you'll find these are definitely their own thing! And since they're done with radial filters, they'll stack with any of your other presets. 

before and after Spotlight 2


- Sun Spots

These amazingly handy presets add a large, soft ball of light just where you need it. Awesome for practically any type of outdoor portrait photography! They come in two strengths and several orientations. You'll love how natural they look!

before and after Sun Spot Warm-Center


before and after Sunspot Warm-Center

- Sun Bursts

If you're looking to make a bit more of a statement, or you want to show the direction of light more clearly, these things are just crazy cool. Now you can have directional rays of sunlight streaming across your images! I have had a ton of fun making and testing these for you guys and I think you'll love using them to add that extra bit of magic and sparkle to your work!

before and after Large Sun Burst Center

before and after Large Diffused Sun Burst (Center)

- Lens Flares

These are possibly the treats I have been most excited to show you all; 11 beautiful, natural-looking LENS FLARES you can add to your images! As far as I know, Silky Presets is the first to offer these and they are so fun! There are all sorts of flares in this set, from crisp compound flares to rainbow rings to soft fuzzy golden flares. They really add a touch of whimsy and magic that looks spontaneous--all with a single click :)

before and after Lens Flare 1-Medium Center Rainbow

before and after Lens Flare 4-Soft Double

before and after Lens Flare 10-Fuzzy Flare 2


- Bokeh

With the bokeh presets, you'll be able to add beautiful spots of out of focus light to any image. These were made for studio work, but can also find a place in outdoor work! You'll find several pre-made bokeh overlays that can be applied with a click (then just open radial filters to remove any spots you don't want, or drag them to move them around!) and you'll also get a few DIY bokeh presets (stacks of pre-made bokeh of various sizes and colors, drag them where you want them and delete any you don't need.) These can add so much warmth and sparkle to just about anything, and I think you'll really enjoy them!

before and after Bokeh Large-Soft Gold Lights


before and after Bokeh Large-Crisp White Lights

- Textures

What could go better with film style presets like Silky Soul than film dust and scratches texture? I've made you 5 texture overlay presets that imitate the scratches and imperfections of old film. They are a great finishing touch when you want a retro look (try them with Silky Summer too!) 

before and after Texture-Dust & Scratches 2

before and after Texture-Crumpled Paper

- Tilt-Shift Blur

Love the free-lensed look? Now you can get that beautiful tilt-shift blur with our Tilt-Shift Blur presets! These are a wonderful way to powerfully focus attention on a small part of your photo, or simulate a very shallow depth of field. My testers absolutely love these!

before and after Tilt-Shift 5 

- Fish-Eye

Use our fish-eye presets to simulate shooting with a fish-eye lens. Fun and funky :) Comes in 3 strengths.

before and after Fish-Eye 1

- Frames 

The frames presets are a simple one-click solution for adding a border to any image. Included are clean black and white borders, rough black and white borders, and a cinematic frame to give your pictures that widescreen movie look.

before and after Clean Black Frame

before and after Rough White Frame

 Seen enough? Ready to shop? :) Don't forget to tell us what you think the comments!




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  1. Jessica

    Hey! I have the lightoom 5.3.. i was wondering if i would be able to mix my presets with this version?? Im sorry if that is a silly question, but i am still new to photoshop

  2. Lindsey

    I’m so excited for these ❤️

  3. Laura

    Thanks for helping my photos look amazing Liberty! This collection is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brittany

    I am so excited , these all look so amazing!

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