Let me tell you a little known secret about Silky Presets and Simply Actions. We are nothing without our team. It's really at the core of who we are as sister companies, this group of amazing, talented, dedicated photographers who do SO much more than just test our products. They provide most of the amazing work we use to showcase our tools, they provide insight and feedback, and they truly have become a family to us. We've all grown and evolved over the last year, and now the time has come to bring in some fresh perspective. As always, this is a bittersweet process, but so important for our growth! We're keeping a good number of our current team, but also bringing on some incredible new talents. So without further rambling, allow us to proudly introduce our NEW Silky Presets & Simply Actions Beta Testing Team!!!


BEC ASHLEE, Azure Mysterious Photography - AUSTRALIA

NATHALIE DAVILA, Nathalie Davila Photography - TEXAS 

MOLLY LICHTEN, Molly Lichten Photography - CALIFORNIA 


ELIZABETH GLEESE, Elizabeth Gleese Photography - IDAHO


SONJA STICH, Sonja Stich Fotografias - SPAIN

ALEJANDRO BASTIDA, Alejandro Bastida Photography - TEXAS

TARA LEINEN, Tara Leinen Photography - ARIZONA


 JILL OSTERHAGE, Osterhage Photography - INDIANA


BRITTANY BENNION, Brittany Bennion Photography - UTAH


NAZIA VAILLANT, Nazia Vaillant Photographie - FRANCE

AMANDA LAING, Amanda Laing Photography - UTAH


NICKI BOSCH, Nicki Bosch Photography - NEW JERSEY

AMANDA BUCKTHORPE, Elegant Illusions Photography - MISSOURI

SANDY FALES, Wild Prairie Photography - NEBRASKA

 LESLIE CLAWSON, Leslie Clawson Photography - TEXAS

BONNIE CORNELIUS, Bonnie Iris Photography - GEORGIA

JACEY JORDAN, Jacey Jordan Photography - UTAH

BRITTANY GIDLEY, Brittany Gidley Photography - OHIO

HEATHER STECH, Infinity Images by Heather Stech - KANSAS


LUCY HEYNS, Lucy's Photography & Design - BELGIUM 


LAURA ALLEN, Laura K. Allen Photography & Design - TENNESSEE

JOY BLACKBURN, Joy Of Life Photography - CANADA

DEVIN BURKE, C&D Photography - MAINE 

JESSE BLAKE, Jesse Blake Photography - MONTANA

ASHLY COLLINS, Ashly Collins Photography - WEST VIRGINIA

CRYSTAL PHILLIPS, Crystal Phillips Photography - ILLINOIS

MEGAN MILLIGAN, Megan Milligan Photography - CANADA


AMANDA SCHAUB, Live to Love Photography - MICHIGAN

BRITTANY BERRY, Brittany Berry's Photography - WEST VIRGINIA 


LINDSAY KASTLE, Rock Paper Pictures - IOWA  

ANEL LESTAGE, Whimsy Candids Photography - TEXAS

AMY MCDANIEL, Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel - ALABAMA


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  1. Heather

    Love these lightroom presets! You are a genius!

  2. Ashly Collins

    SO excited to be in the line up again! I think you are amazing and have such an amazing product! Just making amazing things!!!

  3. pratt

    wow, what an amazing line up of talented photographers to use for your lightroom presets!!

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