It's been a very busy couple of weeks around here as we've been reading applications and getting ready to welcome our new team members. But I finally managed to get a free minute and record this quick tutorial for you all. Hope it's useful to you! Feel free to pin or grab the cheat sheet below for future reference!


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  1. Ne-Ne

    Liberty, you ROCK!!!! Love these. Wish I had this sooner than my “almost melt down” some time back. A few I knew but only because I learned on accident and was about ready to cry when I couldn’t get my settings back to normal. lol WHEW, this will help many I’m sure.

  2. Belle

    Well this has just made life in lightroom a lot easier, thank you!

  3. Devin

    Love it! You’re so cute! Some ones that I use all the time, that you left out, is if you have a mouse with the scrolley thing you can adjust your brush size or clone tool size, and if control shift e to export an image!

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