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I've made a lot of presets. I kinda lost track at some point, but I think it's over 300 now (I think I *may* have an addiction.) Anyway, I have had many people ask me "which are your favorites?" I usually reply that it's very hard to narrow it down, since I use pretty much all of them from time to time, depending on the subject and the season and the mood I'm in. If I've just released a new set, that's probably what I'm using in my own work. But ever since I made the Soul Collection, it has definitely been getting the most attention from me-- especially when it comes to the images I capture of my kids and my day to day life. 

As I was looking through Soul edits from this spring and summer, it struck me that a lot of them used the same two presets: Strength (color) and Solitude (BW). 

I thought I'd show you a few examples of each so you can see why I love them so much! Comment on the blog below with your top two must-haves for a chance to win mine! (If you already own these two, I'll send you something else :)) I'll pick THREE lucky winners on Thursday, 7/9/15. 


I love the warmth of this preset combined with the exposure boost that seems to be *just* the right amount for my slightly dark sooc images. The contrast and vibrance make just about any image come to warm, glowing

life. I love that it's strong and impactful while still (I'm not sure exactly how) maintaining a certain softness that works so well for these personal memories of mine. 


I feel like this BW is the first one I truly, truly, fell in love with, and it's a love that just keeps growing. Others have come close (BlackPepper, HeyJude to name a couple) but this one has my heart. It's rich and full of emotion and just seems to fit with everything I'm trying to do with my images. 


All images by Liberty Kifer

You can check out STRENGTH and SOLITUDE on the store (just click!) 

I'm excited to hear about YOUR favorites too! :)

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  1. Tori

    I love your presets of Solitude and Strength! I have the free Silky Presets and my favorite is Dark Favorite Matte and Brilliance!

  2. Janet Rakes

    Love SP. A couple of favorites are Reflection and darkness, even though I love most of them.

  3. Donna

    These look great!

  4. Regina Rhoda

    Love your presets and would be thrilled to own a few!

  5. Annie

    I like “strength” because of the beautiful warmth it gives to images. I can’t edit without your brushes, they are so good. Shadow lifter is the best!

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