One of my favorite little tricks to take an image from raw to polished quickly, is using the Silky Strokes brushes to put the light where I wanted it, and NOT where I didn't. It's actually surprisingly easy to rearrange the light in your images! The image below, kindly loaned to me by Lindsay Kastle of Rock Paper Pictures, is gorgeous to begin with! But with a few quick brush-strokes, I was able to make the subject really pop and remove distractions without getting too crazy---it still looks like the same image, just with more even lighting! 

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  1. Lauryn

    This is great! You make some of the BEST Lightroom presets!

  2. Heather Parker

    OMG your lightroom presets are to die for!! I need them all!

  3. Krystal

    These simple tips helped me bring my lightroom presets to the next level! My worked has improved drastically since I started using these lightroom presets! Thank you!

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