Hi, guys and gals. I know it's been a long time since I posted on this blog, and the more I've thought about what to give you all next, the more I didn't want to make it just another post to sell presets to you. I wanted to really introduce myself to you (maybe for the first time) as myself.

This is me :) 

(imagine me waving)

I'm a 20-something photographer (okay, 29...eeeeek) and have been with my husband for 11 of those years. We have 3 beautiful amazing daughters, who appear in many of the before & after's you see on this website ;) They're my inspiration and the reason I fell in love with photography. I'm going to cut myself off right there, though, because I could talk about them FOREVER. 

I started Silky Presets almost two years ago as a little side project, just looking for that little bit of extra income for the littles. But then something kind of awesome happened....I completely fell in love with it. And I realized I wanted to really DO something with it. I put together an awesome team of beta testers to help me refine my product, I scrapped my first website in a matter of months and re-launched with single presets and my build-your-own-collection model that you all know (and hopefully love) today. Since those beginnings, Silky has become a true passion of mine, and the main reason for that?

.....It's YOU. 

Yes, I am that much of a dork. I keep a map of my customers' countries!

Connecting with other photographers from all over the world (Silky Presets have been sold in over 40 different countries!! Head-exploding stuff!) and seeing the amazing things you do with these tools, that has been the true joy of my work. There is nothing I love more than helping you find exactly the tools that will save you time, spark your creativity, and get you excited about your work. Hearing that what I've made has made a difference for you, well...that's the fuel that keeps me going.

Because it hasn't always been easy. While I rely a great deal on my tester team, Silky is still very much a one-woman show, and with all 3 kids homeschooled by that same one woman, it's tough to find a balance that works (especially since I wasn't blessed with innate organization skills.) It's meant many, many late nights and wayyyy too much time spent in Lightroom. But there's still so much MORE I want to be doing! Tutorials, live editing classes, awesome free goodies you can use in your business....oh you should see the list of plans I have in store for you guys, if I can ever find the time to make them happen. Which brings me to now.

This month, my family is moving ten hours away from Montana to Washington, and I will be lucky if (besides this blog) I get ANYTHING else accomplished between now and October. Life is asking of me pretty much all I have to give.

But I'm writing this because I want you all to know that I'm still here, I still have awesome, awesome things planned for you this fall (just wait till you see the Sublime Collection!!!)  I AM going to get Silky on Instagram, if it kills me! I promise! And if you haven't yet joined the VIP Lounge group on Facebook, would you please? It's really pretty groovy, and it's the very best way to get a hold of me and my awesome cohort, Reina of Simply Actions. We do fun events and giveaways like this one, where we asked for your best fall edit:

Silky VIP Lori Zornes wins a $25 Silky Presets gift card for this before/after using Hops from Silky Spice! Congrats Lori! 

And a runner-up prize of a $10 gift card goes to VIP Kendra Jo Heller, who proved Spice isn't just for outdoor images by using PowderedSugar to make this lovely newborn image pop!

I know, that was kind of a non-sequitur, but I promised I'd post the winners tonight ;) As always, if you ever want to get in touch with me, I'm easy to find--just email me at liberty@silkypresets.com. I'd love to see your work and I'm always open to making connections and hearing YOUR ideas! You make me better!

Goodnight, friends of Silky, and thanks for reading :)


PS--If you want to see what I've been working on in terms of my own art, I would be honored! My website is www.libertykifer.com

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  1. Christina

    Maybe I will learn Lightroom after all this time… just to be able to use your gorgeous presets, haha!

  2. Rebecca

    Best wishes and good luck with the move. I love your amazing light room presets!

  3. Brooke

    So fun to see the creator of these awesome Lightroom presets! Seriously, your stuff is so great!

  4. Jo

    these Lightroom Presets have totally changed my life! Processing is so easy. My workflow will never be the same, and that’s a good thing!

  5. Nick Forsythe

    Wow! What an AMAZING picture… it’s nice to finally who the WIZARD behind the curtain is here. I had no idea that you are SO BEAUTIFUL. Amen.

    Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful presets — I guess the whole world LOVES YOU! Best wishes to your gorgeous family too!

    This is definitely one of MY FAVORITE sites!

    Nick Forsythe

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