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My team and I have been looking forward to this day for months now! I finally get to release to you the latest line of presets from Silky Presets, Silky SUBLIME. If you've been looking to achieve that rich, colorful, high-impact look that's on the rise these days, this collection is for you!

I've prepared a tutorial for using these presets to their best effect, so let's dive right in and show you that! 


1. The first thing you'll need is some Sublime presets, and if you bought a handful instead of the full collection, you'll also need to grab the Sublime Adjustments, two free presets that you can grab right now, just click here! 

2. Load the presets into your LR (instructions can be found on our FAQ and are the same for all presets we sell.) 

3. Pick out some images to play with. For this collection, we recommend images that are lower contrast, and lower saturation, as Sublime adds a healthy dose of color and contrast. Images with lots of scenery are absolutely ideal, as all that added drama will make them look incredible! Here are a few great examples of the kinds of images Sublime was made for: 


Images by Brittany Bennion Photography & Nicki Bosch Photography

And here are the same images edited with Sublime! 

4. Try your presets on your images. If you notice that all of them are looking much too cool or too warm, don't be alarmed-- this is just a product of the variations in starting white balance depending on your camera, settings, and file type. Just use your handy-dandy Temperature As Shot preset to fix any temperature issues.

For example, here is an image that has a warm starting white balance, which is making the Sublime presets cooler than normal---I know Divine is supposed to be slightly warming but instead it comes out very cool: 

 And here I've corrected it with one click of the Temperature As Shot adjustment preset, and it's looking lovely! 

It's that easy! If your image goes too bright (should only happen on already bright images, as Sublime tends to run relatively dark) you can click Exposure As Shot to bring that down some. 

5. Take some time to get to know which presets are warm, which are cool, and which are neutral. This will save you tons of time in the future, as you'll be able to quickly know just what you need for a given image. Here's a list just to help you remember:

WARM: Chai, Coastal, Cosmic, Divine, Firebird, Groove, Karma, Mantra, Maya, RockSolid, Sunday, Sweet

NEUTRAL: Crush, Evergreen, Heavy, Intense, Krishna, Ocean, Olympia, Prism, Rainbow, RedWine

COOL: Chill, Crystalline, DiveDeep, Elemental, StoneCold, UpLate

I hope this helps and I hope you will all LOVE Sublime as much as I'm loving using it on my own work! <3





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  1. Haley

    I have been looking for presets for a long time to improve my Lightroom workflow. I had just about given up! these are gorgeous! thank you!

  2. Christina

    These presets blow me away every time I see them! Excuse me while I go install Lightroom… I’m think I’m going to learn a whole new program just so I can use these!

  3. Laura

    I can’t get enough of these presets! you’ve made my lightroom edits come to life!

  4. Heather

    OMG I love these lighroom presets. So beautiful and classic. I can’t wait for the release tomorrow!

  5. Heather Stanecki

    I love these lightroom presets! Wishing they were for photoshop! ;)

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