So far, I've been giving you guys some VERY specialized presets--- which is a lot of fun for me, since they are things I've wanted to play with but didn't really have anywhere to put them in my collections. That said, today's preset is going to be useful over a huge variety of images and styles! (I know, I lied--I was going to give you a brush today, but I changed my mind at the last second!) I think all of you will be able to find many great uses for it. One important caveat; this preset will ONLY WORK IN LR 5 oR ABOVE. It utilizes a few radial filters, which weren't added until LR5. sorry, LR 4 buddies!!!


Toplight is a REALLY nifty preset that will add a lovely top-down light to your images, along with a pretty matte vignette, to bring all the focus to your subject and remove distractions. I think you'll love it, I know I do! The effect may seem subtle here, but I think when you play with it some you'll find it makes a big difference. 

Image by Sonja Stich 



image by Brittany Knight Bennion

Image by Brittany Gidley


Image by Devin Burke

Okay guys, have at it! 


and please do come and share your before & afters in the VIP Lounge Group on Facebook! Tomorrow we'll have a brand new BRUSH for you, so stay tuned! :D



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