Today's freebie is one of those things that once I made it, I couldn't STOP playing with it! It was so fun and unique I wanted to save it for one of the last days, so here it is at number 9:


This brush will give you a pretty layer of frost on trees and grass. Use a little for an accent, or go nuts and change the whole look of an image. 

Once again, Silky Presets brushes are made to be used at Feather: 45, Flow: 50, and Density: 60, so make sure your settings are correct for ideal results! 

If you need help installing your brush, try this video:

Image by Amanda Buckthorpe
Image by Brittany Knight Bennion
Image by Amanda Laing
Image by Brittany Knight Bennion
The possibilities are almost endless! We can't wait to see how YOU will use this fun tool!

and please do come and share your before & afters in the VIP Lounge Group on Facebook! Tomorrow we'll have a very exciting new treat for you, so stay tuned! :D

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