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Today I wanted to do a quick tutorial to show you a few tricks for fixing difficult greens in an image. It may not feel like it yet, but Spring is just around the corner! We all love Spring for the warm weather and all that new life, but sometimes the greens we encounter can be a little.... much. So I wanted to address some of the easy ways we can handle those difficult tones. Along the way we're also going to change the mood up a little, from midday to a more mysterious, evening-like look. And of course, in any edit we want our subject to shine and be the focus of the image, so we'll make sure of that too! Here is our before & after, so you can see what we're working toward: 

This may seem like a complicated edit, but I promise it's super easy! Let's get started!

Step 1. TopLight

We're going to use TopLight, one of our recently released freebies, to instantly add light and emphasis. 


After TopLight

Now, it might seem like we've gone backward here, since the added contrast and light from TopLight has made our greens even MORE radioactive. But fear not, we'll fix that in Step 2. 

Step 2. Color Panel

Now we are going to go hands on, to the Colors Panel. We're going to significantly lower the saturation of the greens, and adjust the hue slightly toward blue. 

Whew. That's better. 

After Greens adjustment

While we are here in the Colors panel, and because most of the time the greens in an image are ALSO affected by the YELLOWS, we are going to lower the saturation and increase the luminance (brightness) of the yellows as well. 

After Yellows adjustment

(I did also raise the orange luminance and lower the saturation slightly but it didn't seem worth adding a whole step for that---if you look carefully at her face between this last picture and the previous, you'll notice her skin is a bit brighter and a bit less orange.) 

Step 3. Brushes! 

Now I'm going to use our Deepen and Enhance Color brush to darken and enrich certain areas and start adding some depth. 

After Deepen & Enhance Color brush

 Now, this looks infinitely nicer than what we started with, and you could very well stop here! But since I want to play with getting a more mysterious, evening-type look, I'm going to keep going :)

Step 4. Vignette 

I want to add some mystery, and make it darker overall, so I'm going to make a custom vignette; I don't darken that much, and I push the midpoint in til it stops just before it touches the little girl. 

After Vignette 

Step 5. Start Cooling 

At this point I also start cooling the image off slightly in the Basics panel under Temperature:


Again, this would be another possible place to stop, but I'm going to even a bit further. 

Step 6. Color brushes!

Now I use Add & Enhance Blue over most of the background (everything but the little girl and the brighter area of light) And another layer of Add & Enhance Violet over a few areas to cool them even further. 

So there you have it! A quick and fun edit which I promise you, would take you half the time to do as it took you to read :P

Our final before & after: 

Original image credit goes to: Rock Paper Pictures

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please pin it, share it, bookmark it for later, and let us know in the comments! I would love to make more like this, so if you have a problem image, email it to liberty@silkypresets.com and I'll see what I can come up with! 

PS-- I am still getting comments on our last blog, so I want to wait a bit longer to draw a winner! If you haven't entered to win a copy of the upcoming Soft Collection: Volume 2, what are you waiting for? Enter here! 



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  1. Melissa

    I never miss anything you teach us!! Thanks for everything you do :)

  2. Kai Stanley

    What a difference. Looking forward to using these tips in the future

  3. Laura

    Love this edit! Your lightroom presets are awesome!

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