Well I had some unforeseen delays, but I am really happy to announce two new AMAZING additions to our store!

SPICE 2: Better than ever!

Some of you may remember (or own!) our popular Spice Collection, made for fall images. This was/is a great collection but it was well past time for a big update to our autumnal offerings, and I can honestly say Spice 2 is some of the best work my team and I have done! These presets are specially designed to take your fall images to new heights, with gorgeous rich, warm tones and a very versatile mix of clean and matte presets that should cover just about anything you can throw at it! Here are some examples of Spice 2 on a few different images, this should give you an idea of just what we've created for you! 

Image by tester Joy of Life Photography -- who told me yesterday she has been editing entire sessions of 150 images in just a couple of hours with these presets! 

Image by Joy of Life Photography

You'll find Spice 2 to have a more subdued  (but still very rich and colorful!) look compared to the original Spice, which tended toward brighter, more dramatic looks. These presets are refined and deep and just gorgeous! We spent lots of time perfecting skin tones!

Image by C&D Photography

I've also added in some fun add-on presets which can be stacked with other presets or used for hand-editing, just one click to change the color of your foliage for an intense fall look!

Image by Jacey Jordan Photography


In addition. for the first time with any collection, I'll be throwing in 5 BRUSHES made just for Spice 2, that will be free with the collection, or $5 separately. You'll get GoldLeaves, OrangeLeaves, RedLeaves (which you can brush on anywhere you want) as well as KillGrass (for pesky green grass that you'd rather looked dead---we've all been there right?) and the incredibly nifty MaskOffMatte brush, to take the matte OFF your subject and keep it on the background--- highly recommend trying this!

So that's SPICE 2! You can buy the full collection now, right here, or you can wait a few days until I can get all the single presets added to the store (running behind schedule, but wanted to get the collection out! I'll also be adding the $5 brush pack in the next few days to the Brushes section of the site.)

Grab your copy of the BRAND NEW Silky Spice Collection: Volume 2!


The second set of presets I'm releasing today is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Often what we fall in love with when we see a photographer's work that we love, the "secret sauce" of editing, has to do with tone curves. Silky Styles will come in 3 packages: Clean, which contains 30 CLEAN tone curves; Matte, which comes with 30 diverse mattes; and a Master Collection that will contain all 60 tone curves. These are an amazing addition to your collection of presets, as they will effectively turn every preset you own into up to 60 different presets! Imagine the possibilities! I'm so confident that EVERYONE can benefit from these that I am pricing them a bit lower than my other presets-- just $25 for each of the smaller sets and $45 for the Master Collection. Here's an example of how drastically tone curves alone can change the feel of an image:

Image by April Harmon Photography

Think you could use these in your workflow? 



I'm changing the pricing permanently from $60 to $45 on the following preset collections: Shine, Soft, Spring, Spice, Soul, Summer, and Silver. Singles will stay at the same prices. 

Single Spice 2 Presets Coming soon!



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  1. Amanda Hutchings

    I am so excited about this collection. I literally check the website probably once every week or every other week to see if there is anything new. I can’t wait for these to become available individually, but I’ll probably end up purchasing the whole collection anyways. I just can’t even contain my excitement over SPICE 2!!! These look so beautiful and I can’t wait to put them to work! :)

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