I wanted to show off the power of our SOFT Collection: Volume 2, and what better way than to show you examples of it in use on the work of THREE very different photographers?

These sooc images came from members of my testing team. The first handful are on loan from my dear friend Reina Procee Photography (she's amazing!) These are all ONE-click edits with presets from Soft 2. 

Soft 2- CLARA

Soft 2- KITTEN (it does wonders for red marks on skin!)

Soft 2- CLARA

 The next few come from the lovely and talented Amanda Laing Photography

Soft 2- Honey

Soft 2 - MELT

And last but not by no means least, a few images from my cherished long-time tester Joy Of Life Photography

Soft 2- COTTONTAIL (one of my favorite BW presets ever!)


Big thanks to my wonderful testers for lending their images, and I hope you guys like the new site look! Keep an eye out on Instagram (we're @silkypresets, and we haven't posted anything yet, but we have something cool coming soon JUST on Instagram, so follow us anyway!) 

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