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30 unique, stunning presets inspired by the timeless beauty of film. Silky Soul is a little different from other film presets you may have seen or tried--- they aren't based on specific types of film and don't intend to perfectly imitate any one type. I think that approach can be limiting. Instead, they have been built intuitively and with an eye to beautiful color and skin tones, made to work with a wide variety of images and styles.

This set also includes 5 grain presets, allowing you to remove the default grain after applying the preset, or add more grain if you want! And because these presets can react more strongly with images that have a very cool or very warm starting white balance, I've also included a handy Temperature Fix preset to ensure you get great results every time! These accessory presets are included as part of the full collection, or if you're just grabbing a few Soul presets, you can get the accessory pack here for just $5. 

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30-Preset Soul Collection 30-Preset Soul Collection

30-Preset Soul Collection

$45.00 $27.00
30 unique, stunning presets inspired by the timeless beauty of film. Silky Soul is a little different from other film presets you may have seen...
6-Preset Film Grain Pack (Accessory) 6-Preset Film Grain Pack (Accessory)

6-Preset Film Grain Pack (Accessory)

This accompaniment to the SOUL presets is included with the Soul Collection, or you can purchase it separately here. It contains 5 grain presets: No...
Ambition Ambition


Ambition is a clean, crisp, slightly warming preset that works great on cool images. Photography by Breathe Life Photography
Beauty Beauty


This gently brightening matte look will make your darker images shine with a delicate and beautiful light.
Blessing Blessing


Looking for subtle warmth, great contrast, and great skin tones? Blessing is just right.  Photography by Reina Procee Photography
Clarity Clarity


Clarity does a fantastic job of adding dimension and depth to softer images, with a pop of contrast and color. Photography by Breathe Life Photography...
Courage Courage


Rich and subtly warm, Courage is a must-have addition to any collection! Photography by Fine Art Photography by Liberty Kifer
Darkness Darkness


Darkness has won the hearts of our beta testing team, and it's unlike anything else we offer. This preset is moody magic! Photography by Fine...
Delight Delight


Delight has a fantastic fill light for your backlit or dark images, plus a nice kick of contrast.  Photography by C&D Photography
Depth Depth


Depth takes a flat image and deepens the shadows with a nice dark matte, while maintaining highlights. A beautiful finish for lifestyle photos! Photography by...
Destiny Destiny


This B&W is a dream to use. Fans of contrasty mattes will be in heaven!  Photography by Fine Art Photography by Liberty Kifer
Dream Dream


Just as the name implies, this preset is a softermatte that lends images a dreamlike quality. You'll love the way it keeps colors bright!  Photography...
Embrace Embrace


This preset is a very versatile, temperature-neutral look that's subtle enough to appeal to any style, and wow enough for your most discerning clients. Photography...
Faith Faith


Faith will give you a finish that's faithful to the original colors, while adding a subtle fill light and contrast. Photography by C&D Photography 
Glory Glory


What can we say? It's glorious! ;) Seriously though, this preset is one-click gold. Photography by Fine Art Photography by Liberty Kifer
Grace Grace


Grace is a bright, slightly vintage matte look that's beautiful on shade images. Photography by April Harmon Photography
Harmony Harmony


Harmony is just the right touch of contrast and bright matte to make your outdoor images extra special!  Photography by Rock Paper Pictures 
Hope Hope


Hope is bright with strong highlights and matte shadows, great for making your subject stand out on a busy background.  Photography by Fine Art Photography...
Joy Joy


This warm enhancing preset works wonders on washed out images, making them stand out in the crowd with strong contrasts and vibrant colors. Image by...
Memory Memory


With its high contrast matte and subtle desaturation of colors, Memory will give your images a nice vintage feel without going overboard. Photography by Fine...
Passion Passion


This preset adds serious wow factor, with rich deep shadows and magazine-worthy glowing skin tones. Photography by April Harmon Photography
Peace Peace


This gentle, gorgeous matte is great for anything that calls for a softer touch. Photography by Joy Of Life Photography
Reflection Reflection


Reflection is one of those presets that you'll find yourself using again and again--it's so versatile it works beautifully on all kinds of images!  Photography...
Refuge Refuge


This unique and beautiful preset lets highlights shine and enhances colors with a high-contrast matte. Photography by Fine Art Photography by Liberty Kifer
Safety Safety


When you need serious fill light and warmth, this preset is your best friend! Safety lifts shadows and casts a golden glow over your colder,...
Serenity Serenity


Smooth, deep matte shadows and gorgeous colors make Serenity a moody stunner!  Photography by Fine Art Photography by Liberty Kifer 
Solitude Solitude


Solitude is truly one of the most gorgeous B&W presets I've ever made. It goes easily from weddings to lifestyle to fine art portraiture, and...
Strength Strength


Warm, strong, bright, beautiful! This is an all-around awesome preset that is especially handy for backlit images or those with flat lighting. Photography by Jesse...
Temptation Temptation


Temptation is everything you want in one tidy package; eye-catching contrast and gorgeous color, all with the silkiest film finish. Photography by Jesse Blake Photography...
Triumph Triumph


For images that stray a bit too far warm, or for tan skin that's coming across orange, Triumph's gently cooling influence is just right!  Photography...
Truth Truth


Truth brightens and adds a lovely medium strength matte while staying true to the original colors captured in your images.  Photography by Fine Art Photography...
Vision Vision


Vision is a high-impact, clean look with strong contrasts and big personality, a must have for any photographer! Photography by Jesse Blake Photography and Fine...