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BoosterShot BoosterShot


This preset is our number-one seller, and with very good reason. It's a one-click wonder! If you're looking to add serious wow factor to an...
FreshAir FreshAir


FreshAir works magic on virtually any outdoor image we have tried it on! A staff favorite! Image 1: Reina Procee
Whisper Whisper


Image 1: Crystal Phillips
ButteredToast ButteredToast


If you want to add a sunny glow to your image, be it from mid-day, to cloudy day, or the golden hour, ButteredToast will give...
DaisyChain DaisyChain


DaisyChain is a powerhouse of a preset! If you have a gallery of cold dark images, place this baby on them and see them come...
Sprinkles Sprinkles


Image 1: Brandon Waycaster Image 2: Jennifer Veitch
LightNFluffy LightNFluffy


Image 1: Reina Procee Image 2: Reina Procee
Canary Canary


Vibrant and warm, Canary is a must for the outdoor photographer!  Image by Dana Faith Photography
Delicate Delicate


Oh Delicate, how do I love thee, let me count the ways... This preset is MAGICAL! you put this baby on a jaundiced newborn and...
Ladybug Ladybug


 One of our most popular presets, Ladybug adds a beautiful fill light while gently warming your entire image.  Image 1: Liberty Kifer   Want to...
Bounce Bounce


One of the most powerful presets in the collection, Bounce will add serious drama and impact to your images! Image by Joy of Life Photography...
Toast Toast


Image 1: Belinda Fee Image 2: Nicole Catroppo Image 3: Liberty Kifer
HotPepper HotPepper


This preset is a MUST. HAVE. if you are a cool shooter! Picks up where our other warming presets leave off and takes the heat...
Emphasizer Emphasizer


Emphasizer does just that to your image, it emphasizes the light and contrast naturally captured. Image 1: Reina Procee
AppleCrisp AppleCrisp


This unique preset mainly enhances colors with subtle brightening and contrast. Awesome for washed out images!  Images by Amanda Laing Photography and Brittany Gidley Photography...
BamBam BamBam


If you are looking for the perfect amount of contrast and punch of color to your image, look no further, no more fiddling with the...
Hops Hops


We can't rave enough about Hops and its magical ability to take a cool, dark autumn image and make it sing with warmth and rich...
OhSnap OhSnap


The name pretty wells sums this one up. A great combination of fill light, warmth, and contrast! Image by April Harmon Photography
Sunrise Sunrise


Perhaps the favorite among favorites in our tester group, Sunrise is just a great overall warming preset. What else can we say? You want this...
Lynx Lynx


Skin-perfecting Lynx will find its way into your heart in no time!
Temptation Temptation


Temptation is everything you want in one tidy package; eye-catching contrast and gorgeous color, all with the silkiest film finish. Photography by Jesse Blake Photography...
Rosebud Rosebud


Get dreamy, creamy greens and gentle brightening for your wedding or other outdoor images with Rosebud. Images by Heather Stech
PopRocks PopRocks


An all-around winner! Makes dull colors pop and adds just a hint of brightness.  Image by Jacey Jordan Photography
Ocean Ocean


If you want to make the colors in your images the star of the show, look no further than this preset! Images by Liberty Kifer...
Lace Lace


One of the most versatile presets in this collection, Lace was an easy favorite for many of our testers. Brightens and warms just enough, maintaining...
Breathe Breathe


Breathe is miraculous for tough baby skin tones; you can see from the two examples shown here, that it handles overly orange skin and purplish...
Clara Clara


Clara has just a bit more contrast than some of the others, making it a great choice for lifestyle sessions, and does a great job...
Grasshopper Grasshopper


This preset is AWESOME for those images that need just a little warmth (but not TOO much.) Lovely tones and a little boost to highlights...
Buttermilk Buttermilk


Like all our presets that begin with the word "Butter", this one has a nice bright and warm glow to it. Makes for creamy dreamy...
Turmeric Turmeric


Image by Brandon Waycaster