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Matte never looked so good! These matte presets are our best yet and our testers can't say enough good things about them. Beautiful for all types of photography, including wedding and newborn work. We've worked hard to bring you a collection of mattes that won't leave your images looking over-processed, and I think we've found a great balance between subtle and powerful! 

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30-Preset Satin Collection 30-Preset Satin Collection

30-Preset Satin Collection

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Matte never looked so good! These matte presets are our best yet and our testers can't say enough good things about them. Beautiful for all...
Adelaide Adelaide


A rich warming matte that will serve you well in all seasons!  Image by  Nazia Vaillant Photographie
Ballerina Ballerina


Delicate pink tones and a slightly vintage feel make Ballerina memorable (and beautiful!)  Image by Bonnie Iris Photography
Cashmere Cashmere


Cashmere is a subtly darkening matte with earthy brown undertones. Very popular with the team!  Image by Nazia Vaillant Photographie
Daffodil Daffodil


Daffodil is about as bright and cheery as a matte preset gets--works beautifully on darker images!  Image by Elizabeth Gleese Photography
DarkBronze DarkBronze


This rich matte BW with an espresso tint is just the thing to add emotion and a touch of the unexpected to any image! Images...
DeepBlue DeepBlue


DeepBlue makes for gorgeous foliage, but we love it for all kinds of other reasons too!  Image by Nicki Bosch Photography
DeepGold DeepGold


A darker warm matte with just enough contrast and slightly muted colors. Great on babies and weddings! Image by Joy of Life Photography
Faerie Faerie


This preset softens greens and gives an ethereal feel to your outdoor images. Image by Jacey Jordan Photography
Flutter Flutter


Flutter is a simple, subtle matte that nonetheless works magic on overly bright or high contrast images! Image by Megan Milligan Photography
Foxy Foxy


You'll love the extra contrast in this subtly matte preset, and the way it warms your image while keeping skin tones looking beautiful.  Image by...
Frost Frost


Frost is a cooler toned matte with delicate split toning and a beautiful silky finish.  Image by Elizabeth Gleese Photography
Goldfish Goldfish


Goldfish has a lovely warm tone, complemented by nice dark darks and perfectly muted highlights.  Image by Nazia Vaillant Photographie
Honeybee Honeybee


Adding Honeybee to your cooler images will give them a beautiful, even, golden glow you will love!  Image by Elegant Illusions Photography
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle is a beautiful warming matte that does a great job of lifting shadows and calming highlights for lighting that looks even and flattering.  Image...
Indigo Indigo


Ever work in less than ideal shooting conditions? What do you do with yellow and orange skin tones? Well, now you can just bust out...
Lynx Lynx


Skin-perfecting Lynx will find its way into your heart in no time!
Minky Minky


Soothe bright colors and high-contrast lighting into something soft and dreamy with Minky.  Image by Nazia Vaillant Photographie
NickelBW NickelBW


Holy smokes, we love this one. Dark and rich and full of matte yumminess!  Image by Laura K. Allen Photography & Design
Palamino Palamino


More contrast than Lynx, but similarly warm, use this one when you want your subject to pop a bit more.  Image by Joy Of Life...
Parasol Parasol


Parasol is a deeper, richer warm matte that gives a slightly vintage feel.  Image by Joy of Life Photography
Plush Plush


So luxurious! Works wonders for cool skin tones. Image by Joy of Life Photography
SilverDollar SilverDollar


A softer matte BW, for the quiet moments. :) Image by Live to Love Photography
Snuggle Snuggle


This preset is a great timesaver for newborn photographers, as it gently takes the red and orange out of newborn skin and sets off your...
StarryNight StarryNight


You'll go starry-eyed for this one! a darkening matte with a cooler tone, we love it on babies and outdoors too!  Image by Joy of...
Suede Suede


Suede is a deep matte with vibrant colors. Image by Elizabeth Gleese
Tiramisu Tiramisu


A very WARM preset made especially for a tester on our team, Tiramisu works best on cool images. It adds a contrasty warm matte that...
Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell


A deeper matte with rich earthy undertones, this one is beautiful on outdoor sessions! Image by Amanda Laing Photography
Victoria Victoria


One of my personal favorites from Satin, Victoria has it all--beautiful colors, a nice punch of contrast, and a silky smooth matte polish!  Image by...
WaterLily WaterLily


WaterLily is a delicate brightening matte that is similar to Daffodil, but runs a bit cooler.   Image by Reina Procee Photography
Woodland Woodland


Woodland softens colors and adds a rich earthy vignette. We love it!  Image by Amanda Laing Photography