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 30 presets designed to dramatically boost your images, from straight out of camera to polished in one click. Instantly brighter, more vibrant images. This powerful clean-edit set is ideal for portrait work but is great for virtually any kind of photography.

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30-Preset Shine Collection 30-Preset Shine Collection

30-Preset Shine Collection

$60.00 $45.00
30 presets designed to dramatically boost your images, from straight out of camera to polished in one click. Instantly brighter, more vibrant images. This powerful...
Autumn Autumn


This preset brings alive the warmth and color of fall, perfect for your fall family sessions! Complete your galleries with in minutes, instead of hours...
BamBam BamBam


If you are looking for the perfect amount of contrast and punch of color to your image, look no further, no more fiddling with the...
BoosterShot BoosterShot


This preset is our number-one seller, and with very good reason. It's a one-click wonder! If you're looking to add serious wow factor to an...
ButteredToast ButteredToast


If you want to add a sunny glow to your image, be it from mid-day, to cloudy day, or the golden hour, ButteredToast will give...
ClassicBW ClassicBW


If you are looking for a beautiful classic black & white image, with the perfect amount of contrast and vignette, this preset is exactly that....
Emphasizer Emphasizer


Emphasizer does just that to your image, it emphasizes the light and contrast naturally captured. Image 1: Reina Procee
Enhance Enhance


This preset takes the strengths of your image (the vibrant color, the lovely glow of light) and truly enhances it, in a subtle and clean...
Faded Faded


This preset desaturates while adding warmth to an image, giving the perfect morning light to an otherwise cool image. Photography by Megan Milligan Photography and Nicole...
Fawn Fawn


Fawn will bring a lovely warm light to your images. Photography by C&D Photography and Lindsey Willis Photography  
Glossy Glossy


Glossy like a magazine! That's what you'll get with this vibrant warming preset.   Image 1: Liberty Kifer  
Gritty Gritty


This preset can add some real grit and drama to your beautiful images! Photography by Liberty Kifer and  Reina Procee
ImpactBW ImpactBW


Image 1: Maggie Storm
JumperCables JumperCables


Image 1: Heather Stech Image 2: Jennifer Veitch
Lemonade Lemonade


A warming preset you don't want to be without for outdoor portraits and weddings! Photography by C&D Photography and Liberty Kifer   Want to see your images...
LemonTree LemonTree


Similar to Lemonade but with stronger contrast and more wow factor for the images that really need to pop!   Image 1: Liberty Kifer Image...
Marshmallow Marshmallow


Brightens and slightly desaturates for contrast that doesn't look overdone.   Image 1: Liberty Kifer  
MetalBW MetalBW


Image 1: Brandon Waycaster
MoodyBlue MoodyBlue


Photography by Live to Love Photography and Jennifer Veitch Photography
Moonglow Moonglow


Image 1: Nicole Catroppo
Nudge Nudge


Image 1: Heather Stech Image 2: Nicole Catroppo
Picnic Picnic


Photography by Megan Milligan Photography, Nicole Lee Artistry
Popcorn Popcorn


Brighten and ever-so-slightly warm images with this extremely versatile preset. A must-have for outdoor portrait work!   Image 1: Liberty Kifer Image 3: Liberty Kifer...
SilverBells SilverBells


Image 1: Mary Beth Miller Image 2: Reina Procee
Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodle


Photography by Liberty Kifer and Breathe Life Photography
Sprinkles Sprinkles


Image 1: Brandon Waycaster Image 2: Jennifer Veitch
Sunwashed Sunwashed


Photography by Nicole Dalton Photography and Breathe Life Photography
SuperShine SuperShine


Image 1: Nicole Catroppo
TeddyBear TeddyBear


Photography by Joy of Life Photography and Nicole Catroppo
Toast Toast


Image 1: Belinda Fee Image 2: Nicole Catroppo Image 3: Liberty Kifer
Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

Photography by Liberty Kifer and Breathe Life Photography