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Everything you loved about the first Shine Collection, and more! You'll find a huge variety of crisp, bold, exciting looks in this collection--Including a few darker presets we're really excited about! These were designed to take washed-out or otherwise lackluster images to a whole new level with lots of contrast, gorgeous color, and as always, our dedication to preserving great skin tones. Amazing on outdoor sessions of all kids.
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30-Preset Shine Collection: Volume 2 30-Preset Shine Collection: Volume 2

30-Preset Shine Collection: Volume 2

Everything you loved about the first Shine Collection, and more! You'll find a huge variety of crisp, bold, exciting looks in this collection--Including a few...
Amped Amped


A nice kick of contrast that keeps colors looking clean and bright---but not overdone.  Image by Rock Paper Pictures
AppleCrisp AppleCrisp


This unique preset mainly enhances colors with subtle brightening and contrast. Awesome for washed out images!  Images by Amanda Laing Photography and Brittany Gidley Photography...
Bounce Bounce


One of the most powerful presets in the collection, Bounce will add serious drama and impact to your images! Image by Joy of Life Photography...
Canary Canary


Vibrant and warm, Canary is a must for the outdoor photographer!  Image by Dana Faith Photography
Caramel Caramel


Caramel is warm and inviting! Especially nice on cooler autumn images.  Image by Nazia Vaillant Photographie
Carnival Carnival


Somewhat lighter on the contrast, Carnival has a nice warm fill light to enhance your shady images.  Image by Laura K. Allen Photography & Design...
Chestnut Chestnut


Chestnut is a lovely warming preset with a hint of earthy reds in the shadows, great for adding depth to greenery and warming skin tones. ...
Cotton Cotton


Clean, bright, and temperature neutral, Cotton is one of the most versatile presets in the collection! It has a great fill light to lift shadows from...
DarkBold DarkBold


This preset was an immediate favorite with our team! If you're finding most presets too bright on an image, try a dose of DarkBold and...
DarkBW DarkBW


One of our favorite new BW's! On a bright sooc image, you'll get a nice medium BW. On a typical middle-tone image, you will get...
FairyTale FairyTale


This rich warm preset will make your subject glow (in a good way.) :) Image by Sonja Stich Fotografias
Fireside Fireside


A classic warming preset that everyone can find use for---not too warm, not too bright, just....cozy.  Image by Jacey Jordan Photography
Giddyup Giddyup


Get excited. This one is SO FUN. Lots of contrast and a great vignette means images edited with Giddyup will be showstoppers! Images by Amanda...
GoldenTicket GoldenTicket


If you're looking for all-over warmth with a great fill light, look no further---this is the ticket! Image by C&D Photography
JuicyFruit JuicyFruit


Another instant classic for anyone who likes clean, polished one-click edits. Runs just a touch pink, great for balancing green and yellow casts on skin. ...
Lightning Lightning


POW. That is all.  Image by Liberty Kifer
ModernBW ModernBW


Clean, classy, classic.  Image by Elizabeth Gleese Photography
OhSnap OhSnap


The name pretty wells sums this one up. A great combination of fill light, warmth, and contrast! Image by April Harmon Photography
PaddleBoat PaddleBoat


A team favorite already! PaddleBoat is rich and delicious and works on a wide variety of images. Image by Molly Lichten Photography
PeachTree PeachTree


A lovely split-toned preset with peachy overtones.  Image by Sonja Stich Fotografias
PepperJack PepperJack


PepperJack runs slightly cooler than most in this collection, and it's awesome.  Image by Nazia Vaillant Photographie
Platinum Platinum


Contrast, and lots of it, makes Platinum a great choice for lovers of our ImpactBW, or anyone who can appreciate a strong BW.  Image by...
PopRocks PopRocks


An all-around winner! Makes dull colors pop and adds just a hint of brightness.  Image by Jacey Jordan Photography
Pristine Pristine


A great preset for enhancing an image without oversaturating warm colors.  Image by Jesse Blake Photography
RollerSkates RollerSkates


This preset is not for the faint of heart! (It's for the brave and awesome at heart!) If you're not afraid of color and want...
Saturday Saturday


Wakes up your images with a nice balance of brightening and enhancing. TGIS? Image by Jill Osterhage Photography
Smile Smile


Ahhhhhh. Nothing makes me smile like sunshine in a bottle, and that's what this is!  Image by Wild Prairie Photography
Snapdragon Snapdragon


You'll love Snapdragon for your outdoor sessions, especially if you're dealing with difficult skin tones--it's a lifesaver!  Image by Jill Osterhage Photography
Sparkler Sparkler


A definite favorite of mine! A fantastic neutral preset with a lot of vibrancy and light. Very versatile. Image by Jacey Jordan Photography
Sunkissed Sunkissed


Sunkissed will be your friend for backlit and cooler images, and it has some nice split toning that makes it unique.  Image by April Harmon...