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The new Soft Collection is everything I wanted it to be; it's effortless to use, even for Lightroom beginners, yet powerful and sophisticated enough for the seasoned pro. A great deal of effort went into ensuring that these presets will deliver consistently beautiful skin tones, while giving you a world of editing options for your newborn and lifestyle sessions. A nice combination of mostly cleaner presets, with some gentle mattes and just a handful of heavier mattes, I think it's just the right mix for the modern newborn photographer. With this collection and our Newborn Essentials brush kit, you'll be able to achieve just about any look you want! 
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30-Preset Soft Collection: Volume 2 30-Preset Soft Collection: Volume 2

30-Preset Soft Collection: Volume 2

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The new Soft Collection is everything I wanted it to be; it's effortless to use, even for Lightroom beginners, yet powerful and sophisticated enough for...
Breathe Breathe


Breathe is miraculous for tough baby skin tones; you can see from the two examples shown here, that it handles overly orange skin and purplish...
Bunny Bunny


Bunny is a beautiful, bright, neutral look that is great on underexposed images. Images by Joy Blackburn & Amanda Laing
Buttermilk Buttermilk


Like all our presets that begin with the word "Butter", this one has a nice bright and warm glow to it. Makes for creamy dreamy...
Clara Clara


Clara has just a bit more contrast than some of the others, making it a great choice for lifestyle sessions, and does a great job...
CloudNine CloudNine


CloudNine is a heavier matte that nonetheless feels somehow bright and inviting. Great for smoothing out distracting textures and high contrast areas, without sacrificing any...
CottonTail CottonTail


If you're loving a darker, moodier matte edit for your newborn BW's, this one is a stunner. Really brings out the texture in skin and...
CreamPuff CreamPuff


Bright, warm, soft, and sweet, this one is the complete package! Awesome for cool, underexposed images.  Image by Dana Houston
Cuddle Cuddle


Cuddle fills in shadows for a naturally softer look; great for when lighting is a bit harsher than we'd like, and has subtle peachy overtones...
Cupcake Cupcake


Cupcake is a unique, slightly cooler matte that's great for when you don't want a warm edit. Image by Lindsay Kastle
Darling Darling


Darling is a special preset with a top light added to add emphasis and drama to your images. Image by Joy Blackburn
Devotion Devotion


One of the heavier mattes in the new Soft Collection, Devotion lifts harsh shadows, smooths tricky skin, and makes everything buttery and soft. Image by...
Downy Downy


Bring back detail in the shadows and add a gentle layer of warmth to your image with Downy. A great addition to any newborn photographer's...
FirstBlush FirstBlush


FirstBlush brightens, lifts heavy shadows, and enhances the pinks and peach tones in your images, making for beautiful skin tones. Image by Brittany Gidley
Fluff Fluff


A super soft and silky matte with just enough contrast to keep details intact. Great for harsh lighting conditions. Image by Joy Blackburn
Honey Honey


Honey is one of the more subtle presets in this collection, but nonetheless makes a world of difference! Adds a soft fill light, and is...
Hush Hush


Unlike many of the presets in this collection, Hush won't brighten or warm your image, it will simply soften all shadows and highlights with a...
KissBW KissBW


This BW preset is deep and rich, with strong shadows and just the tiniest hint of matte. Great on newborns, lifestyle, or practically anything, really!...
Kitten Kitten


A brightening soft matte that's very delicate and sweet, Kitten will be a favorite for getting that dreamy look. Image by Dana Houston
Lace Lace


One of the most versatile presets in this collection, Lace was an easy favorite for many of our testers. Brightens and warms just enough, maintaining...
LifestyleBW LifestyleBW


A gorgeous brighter BW that makes the highlights in your images shine, LifestyleBW is an awesome choice for lifestyle photographers aiming to get an airier...
Lightly Lightly


As the name implies, Lightly primarily brightens, while also perfecting skin tones. Image by Lindsay Kastle
Lullaby Lullaby


This beautiful gentle matte with a subtle fill light will become a new favorite! Image by Crystal Phillips
Melt Melt


The beauty of this preset is that it doesn't do too much, but what it does is beautiful. Melts away harsh shadows and skin color...
Mild Mild


Get ready for some serious skin-tone-fixing magic, this one is a MUST for jaundice, red skin, blemishes, you name it, Mild can handle it. This...
Murmur Murmur


This preset adds a beautiful cooler-toned matte over your images and is great for overly orange or yellow skin. Image by Elizabeth Gleese
Oatmeal Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a great all-around brightening preset that does a great job of muting yellows and oranges for a nice, smooth consistent look. Image by...
Powder Powder


Powder is a beautiful soft matte look, great for lifting shadows and calming skin tones. Image by Joy Blackburn
Thimble Thimble


This silky matte BW looks beautiful on newborns and lifestyle images alike. Image by Amanda Laing
Tickle Tickle


Along with Cupcake and Murmur, Tickle is the last of the three cool presets in this collection. Nice to have in your kit if you're...
Zebra Zebra


Zebra is a really deep and dramatic BW, great for newborns. Gives you lots of detail in your shadows and highlights. Images by Megan Milligan...