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This new Spring Collection takes a slightly different approach than the original; while both collections are designed to give you beautiful skin tones and beautiful greens, overall you'll find cooler toned and slightly more muted greens and yellows here. An exciting addition to this set is a 10-preset adjustment pack that will allow you to change just the greens and yellows in an image, so you can easily try any of the 10 variations on a photo. Though it was designed to be used after applying a Spring 2 preset, it can of course be used with any other preset, or as part of a hand edit, and the adjustment pack can be purchased separately here for just $8.

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10-Preset Spring Greens Adjustments 10-Preset Spring Greens Adjustments

10-Preset Spring Greens Adjustments

$8.00 $4.00
This set of 10 adjustment presets will allow you to change the greens and yellows in your photos in a variety of ways. Great for...
30-Preset Spring Collection: Volume 2 30-Preset Spring Collection: Volume 2

30-Preset Spring Collection: Volume 2

$60.00 $36.00
This new Spring Collection takes a slightly different approach than the original; while both collections are designed to give you beautiful skin tones and beautiful...
Bloom Bloom


Bloom's gentle brightening is great for lifting shadows and enhancing the light in your images, while some very subtle tinting makes for beautiful peachy skin...
Blossom Blossom


Blossom is a very versatile preset with a nice center fill light and beautiful color and contrast. You'll love the extra little bit of drama...
Bluebird Bluebird


A unique, temperature neutral matte with nice contrast and a subtle boost to the blues in your images. Image by Dana Houston
Buttercup Buttercup


Buttercup is a must for shade and backlit images! Brightens and gently mutes greens and yellows for a dreamy look. Images by Heather Stech and...
Caterpillar Caterpillar


With its special split-toning mix, Caterpillar adds warmth without turning images yellow, along with a gorgeous pop of contrast that will set your subject apart...
Chirp Chirp


This preset has just enough of everything: brightening, color enhancing, and a little matte. Great for shade images. Image by Liberty Kifer
Chrysalis Chrysalis


Make the vibrant colors in your images shine with Chrysalis! Also has a nice fill light and a subtle vignette for added oomph. Image by...
Clementine Clementine


Clementine adds a nice earthy gold to your images, making them glow with a gentle warmth. Image by Devin Burke
Daisy Daisy


Daisy is a brightening preset with a certain softness and sweetness to it. Calms greens and yellows and lifts shadows just enough to make your...
Firefly Firefly


One of the most versatile presets in the collection, Firefly looks great on a wide variety of images; it's got subtle warmth and gorgeous tones....
Giggle Giggle


Banish yellowish greens and replace them with soft minty greens; Giggle does all that and more! Image by Dana Houston
Glow Glow


As the name implies, Glow adds a soft warm glow across your entire image, while keeping greens looking beautiful. Image by Lindsay Kastle
Grasshopper Grasshopper


This preset is AWESOME for those images that need just a little warmth (but not TOO much.) Lovely tones and a little boost to highlights...
Gumdrop Gumdrop


This neutral brightening and enhancing preset is a must, not only for spring, but for every season! Works beautifully on virtually everything we tried it...
Hummingbird Hummingbird


Hummingbird keeps exposure at the same level while boosting contrast and adding a lovely warm tint to the shadows. Image by Dana Houston
Jewel Jewel


This preset was designed to make the colors in your image the star of the show! Beautifully vibrant with just the right amount of contrast,...
LemonDrop LemonDrop


This preset is a must for anyone who finds themselves brightening and warming a lot of their images. Infuses images with sunshine and keeps skin...
Lollipop Lollipop


A tester favorite! Lollipop has a medium contrast matte and some subtle earthy toning that is really something special. Image by Devin Burke
Lush Lush


Rich, rich, rich! Colors will come alive when you use Lush. Image by April Harmon
Nest Nest


Another crowd-pleaser. It's hard to go wrong with Nest, it's got a lovely mix of warm and neutral tones, and puts the focus where you...
NewDay NewDay


This neutral, gently brightening and enhancing preset is great for when you just need a little boost and don't need the extra warmth of some...
Reverie Reverie


Reverie has a gorgeous matte with plenty of contrast and some really lovely split toning. Image by Amanda Laing
Rosebud Rosebud


Get dreamy, creamy greens and gentle brightening for your wedding or other outdoor images with Rosebud. Images by Heather Stech
RoseGold RoseGold


Another tester favorite; Rosegold really does what its name promises! It adds a rosy golden glow to your cool images. Image by Dana Houston
SpringFever SpringFever


The warmest of the Spring 2 presets, this one is awesome for cool backlit images and anything that really needs that extra sizzle! Image by...
Sprout Sprout


Sprout is the brightest of the Spring 2 presets, awesome for backlit and shady images, and really softens those bright yellows and greens as well....
Strawberry Strawberry


This unique preset tones your images with a soft peachy pink glow. Lovely on skin! Images by Liberty Kifer & Heather Stech
Sunrise Sunrise


Perhaps the favorite among favorites in our tester group, Sunrise is just a great overall warming preset. What else can we say? You want this...
TreeHouse TreeHouse


A medium contrast matte that looks great on warm images, Treehouse is a great way to add that special something to images that don't need...
Vine Vine


Vine brightens and adds pop while keeping colors true to the original. Really works on almost anything! Image by Dana Houston