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Think of Strong like the child of Shine 2 and Sublime; you'll get clean vibrant edits, with deep rich darks and lots of contrast. These presets are intended to add a LOT of punch and emphasis to your images. Definitely, definitely made for outdoor sessions. If you find yourself using our other presets and wishing they went just a step further and did MORE, this is the set for you.
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30-Preset Strong Collection 30-Preset Strong Collection

30-Preset Strong Collection

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Think of Strong like the child of Shine 2 and Sublime; you'll get clean vibrant edits, with deep rich darks and lots of contrast. These...
BadassBW BadassBW


Ever look at a BW conversion and think.... "oh that's badass!"? 'Nuff said. Of the three BW's in Strong, this one is medium brightness. Image...
Bang Bang


An awesome neutral with nice vibrant colors, this one adds a lot of depth to flat images. Image by Dana Houston
Boom Boom


This is one of the most versatile Strong presets, and looks great on a variety of images. A little warmth and a lot of contrast...
BrightHeat BrightHeat


Cold dark images don't stand a chance against this one! You can almost feel the warmth! Images by Dana Houston and Sonja Stich    ...
Crunch Crunch


This preset takes a one-tone, brighter image and adds lots of depth to the shadows, while keeping things cool/neutral. Image by Amanda Laing
DramaDark DramaDark


Similar to Crunch, DramaDark will enhance the shadows and blacks of your image, but this one leans a bit warmer and a little darker.
Dynamite Dynamite


Dynamite is a great brightening neutral preset with strong highlights and deep blacks. Image by Jen Fredette
Fireball Fireball


Great for cool images, Fireball will give you that golden glow you love while keeping skin tones looking lovely. Image by Joy Blackburn
HardFill HardFill


One of my personal favorites from the collection! Hardfill is a widely useful neutral with a strong fill light that will act like a reflector...
Heatstroke Heatstroke


Heatstroke is awesome for dark backlit subjects, as it throws a nice warm bright fill light on them. Image by Jacey Jordan
HeavyBW HeavyBW


Does what the name implies! This is the blackest, whitest, black and white I've made and it makes a BIG impact. Of the three bw's...
HeckYeah HeckYeah


Highlights will come to life with this brightening, warming, contrast-enhancing preset! Image by Liberty Kifer
HighOctane HighOctane


Lots of warmth and vivid color will instantly turn around those dark shady or cloudy images!
Holla Holla


This one is fantastic for images that don't need brightening; just color and richness in the shadows. Image by Amanda Buckthorpe
Kick Kick


I love this one!! It's neutral temperature makes it a great starting point for just about anything; it adds a lot of POP with bright...
Meow Meow


Meow has a lovely warm glow and a nice vignette to bring the focus right where you want it. Image by Dana Houston
OhMy OhMy


The combination of fill light, contrast, and just a touch of warmth makes OhMy a great choice for cutting through haze or enhancing flatter images....
PunchItUp PunchItUp


Slightly more subtle than some of the others, PunchItUp nevertheless does a lot for hazy or flat images, adding the needed contrast while keeping colors...
Rad Rad


An ever-so-slightly warming neutral, Rad adds depth and makes colors glow, for a polished finish. Image by Dana Houston
Reboot Reboot


A slightly cooler preset with a strong fill light and some vignette, this one makes a big (beautiful) statement! Image by Lucy Heyns
RockOn RockOn


RockOn will be a favorite among those who like their presets warm, a little brightening, and full of rich contrast.  Image by Dana Houston
Shotgun Shotgun


Fans of our bestselling BoosterShot will love this! Shotgun was derived from BoosterShot and made even more WOW. Great for cool backlit subjects, or cool images...
Shout Shout


For when you need a LOT of fill light to make your subjects pop off the background, Shout will be your best friend! Neutral temperature...
SnowLeopard SnowLeopard


The last of our 3 new BW's, this one is the brightest (though this example doesn't necessarily look it, your mileage may vary!) Highlights will...
Steel Steel


Another favorite! This one just seems to work on such a variety of images! In this case, the before/after really kinda says it all :)...
Stomp Stomp


Warm those backlit images and add lots of emphasis and a strong fill light with Stomp! Keeps the rest of your image about the same...
Volcano Volcano


When you need warmth, and lots of it, but exposure is where you want it, this one is just right!
WakeUp WakeUp


Lots of brightening and a little warmth makes this great for evening shoots when the light gets low. Image by Dana Houston
Whoa Whoa


There's something extra rich about Whoa; like a hot fudge sundae :) Maintains highlights and overall exposure while deepening shadows subtly enhancing colors. Image by...
Wicked Wicked


Bound to be a favorite of many, Wicked is a brightening neutral with juuuust the right amount of kick to really make your images stand...