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Our newest preset collection has been several months of hard work in the making, and it is truly something special! Designed primarily for outdoor images, Sublime will add depth, richness, and impact to the most washed-out scenery, all the while maintaining natural skin tones. It was inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, tested on images from around the country (and world!) and now it's ready for YOU to put it to work on your images.  

I've written up a quick tutorial to get you started using these special presets, I highly recommend checking that out HERE. 

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30-Preset Sublime Collection 30-Preset Sublime Collection

30-Preset Sublime Collection

Our newest preset collection has been several months of hard work in the making, and it is truly something special! Designed primarily for outdoor images,...
Aquarius Aquarius


Aquarius is a brighter, medium matte black and white that will bring your darker images to life. Image by Vibrant Lens Photography
Chai Chai


Light, creamy, deliciousness! Most of the presets in Sublime run darker than this one, so it's good to have on hand when you want to...
Chill Chill


A cool-toned preset with lots of contrast, Chill will give your images a moody, spooky look. Image by Liberty Kifer Grabbing singles from this collection?...
Coastal Coastal


This unique warming preset keeps the warm colors subtle, while enhancing the overall image. Image by Liberty Kifer Grabbing singles from this collection? Be sure...
CoffeeShop CoffeeShop


A rich, impactful black and white preset, CoffeeShop is one of those that looks great on practically anything you throw it at! We love it...
Cosmic Cosmic


Cosmic adds a great kick of contrast and color, and a subtle matte finish, all designed to help your subject really pop! Image by Brittany...
Crush Crush


One of the more subtle presets in this collection, Crush can be counted on to work beautifully on practically ANYTHING it touches! Primarily color enhancing,...
Crystalline Crystalline


Deep shadows and jewel-like colors make Crystalline a moody stunner! Images by Liberty Kifer & Vibrant Lens Photography Grabbing singles from this collection? Be sure...
DiveDeep DiveDeep


This cool-toned preset works great on overly warm images, giving them an entirely new look in just a click. Image by Nicki Bosch Photography Grabbing...
Divine Divine


For images that need a softer touch, Divine delivers a lovely fill light with beautiful colors, and a bit less contrast than others in this...
Elemental Elemental


This preset definitely brings the wow factor, along with a medium matte in the shadows that can help de-emphasize background distractions. Image by Jacey Jordan...
Evergreen Evergreen


This unique preset enhances the greens in your images without turning skin funky; no easy feat! We think you'll love what it does for your...
Firebird Firebird


An instant hit with the testing team, Firebird will gently warm your images without going overboard, giving them that certain special something they're missing. Image...
Groove Groove


This preset packs a punch of warmth and contrast, and you'll find it very handy on cold, flat, shady images. Runs slightly to the greener...
Heavy Heavy


This neutral enhancing preset is great for when you just want to set off what you have without changing it too much. Does a great...
Intense Intense


A lovely dark matte in the shadows combined with nice bright highlights makes this neutral preset special and, well, intense! Image by Joy Of Life...
Karma Karma


Karma is a workhorse; it's gently warming and a bit more subtle than some of the other presets from Sublime, so you'll find it gets...
Krishna Krishna


One of the darker, richer presets in this collection, Krishna is awesome for adding drama to slightly brighter, flat images. Image by Liberty Kifer Grabbing...
Mantra Mantra


The warmest preset in this collection! Mantra works magic on cold images of all kinds, and does an especially lovely job on cooler fall images....
Maya Maya


Maya is just slightly warm all over, but keeps skin tones light and not over-saturated. Image by Amanda Laing Photography Grabbing singles from this collection?...
Ocean Ocean


If you want to make the colors in your images the star of the show, look no further than this preset! Images by Liberty Kifer...
Olympia Olympia


Contrast, fill light, and a subtle matte combine to make this neutral preset great for directing attention where you want it. Runs very slightly pink,...
Prism Prism


This one is all-around handy, adding just enough light, color, and emphasis to take an image from dull to captivating. Image by C&D Photography Grabbing...
Rainbow Rainbow


This one is pretty unique in the way it enhances colors and shadow areas; you'll just have to try it to see what we mean!...
RedWine RedWine


Nothing makes a sea of green foliage look richer and more full of depth than some subtle reds in the shadows, and this preset does...
RockSolid RockSolid


What can I say, the name speaks for itself! This powerhouse of a warm, vibrant preset should be in everyone's collection! Definitely a team favorite....
StoneCold StoneCold


The third of three colder-toned presets in this collection, StoneCold is great for correcting overly warm skin tones in your images, or just giving a...
Sublime Adjustments (FREE!) Sublime Adjustments (FREE!)

Sublime Adjustments (FREE!)

These two quick adjustment presets were designed to accompany the new Sublime Collection, but they can also be handy with other collections, so feel free...
Sunday Sunday


Subtle warmth, subtle fill light, subtle enhancements all over make this preset a crowd-pleaser. If the more vibrant presets have you scared, try this one!...
Sweet Sweet


This gently warming preset makes outdoor images pop and makes for lovely scenery! Image by Joy of Life Photography Grabbing singles from this collection? Be...
UpLate UpLate


Nice, dark, rich shadows on this one--great for setting a mood and setting your subject apart! Image by Laura K. Allen Photography & Design Grabbing...