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The Silky Summer Collection was designed to give your photos an authentic vintage feel; it includes 30 carefully researched looks from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, including three all-new special black and white presets, one for each decade. These presets were made for retro-themed photos, but our beta testers agree that they have many more uses! Surprisingly great on wedding photos, senior portraits, kids---you name it! Silky Summer will give you that new, uniquely creative edge that will set your work apart from the crowd.
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30-Preset Summer Collection 30-Preset Summer Collection

30-Preset Summer Collection

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The Silky Summer Collection was designed to give your photos an authentic vintage feel; it includes 30 carefully researched looks from the 50's, 60's, and...
50's--Betty 50's--Betty


Betty is a fun and funky matte preset with coolish shadows and slightly muted reds and oranges.  Photography by Liberty Kifer
50's--DooWop 50's--DooWop


If you're looking for a super-vintage feel, you'll adore DooWop. Mutes most colors while giving skin that sheen you only find in old magazines! Photography...
50's--HotRod 50's--HotRod


The ultimate head-turner! This preset looks amazing on pinup sessions and gives images a lot of OOMPH!  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
50's--MemoryLane 50's--MemoryLane


A very old-newspaper BW, this one includes a bit of faint yellowing at the edges for extra authenticity.  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
50's--PeachyKeen 50's--PeachyKeen


This warm, nostalgic preset looks beautiful on practically everything---try it on your spring images for a rose-colored-glasses effect. Photography by Liberty Kifer
50's--RadioFlyer 50's--RadioFlyer


Super funky, super retro, super fun. Photography By Emily Rose Photography
50's--Rockabilly 50's--Rockabilly


This deeply matte, slightly cooling preset comes with some nifty light leaks!  Photography by Liberty Kifer
50's--Sandy 50's--Sandy


One of the most popular of our Summer presets, this one makes a big impact with lots of contrast and unique color tints.  Photography by...
50's--SodaShop 50's--SodaShop


SodaShop has a nice fill light and a strong matte effect for that faded magazine look! Photography By Emily Rose Photography
50's--Technicolor 50's--Technicolor


KERPOW! This preset will punch up colors and make your work stand out in a crowd!  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--DayTripper 60's--DayTripper


This rich, warm, deeply vintage preset will take you right back to the 60's! Amazing for styled shoots! Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--GoldenOldies 60's--GoldenOldies


GoldenOldies comes with some gorgeous warm light leaks that will make your images glow!  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--Hendrix 60's--Hendrix


Hendrix adds a strong fill light to bring a dark subject to life, along with all that yummy vintage toning.  Photography By Emily Rose Photography...
60's--HeyJude 60's--HeyJude


An absolute stunner of a vintage black and white-- a touch of tint and grain makes this so unique and special! A big favorite among...
60's--Jackie 60's--Jackie


This preset gently fades colors and adds a warm retro matte look. Very classy!  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--MadMen 60's--MadMen


A must have for any preset collection! MadMen is a VERY versatile, neutral toned preset that looks awesome on practically anything!  Photography By Emily Rose...
60's--ModSquad 60's--ModSquad


Cool with rich contrasts, ModSquad is a fabulous authentic 60's look.  Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--Motown 60's--Motown


You'll love this funky, colorful matte preset on your vintage sessions!!! Photography By Emily Rose Photography
60's--RecordStore 60's--RecordStore


This preset is a relatively heavy matte that is nonetheless big on contrast. You'll love how vibrant it is!  Photography By Emily Rose Photography  ...
60's--SummerOfLove 60's--SummerOfLove


SummerOfLove is just the sunshine you've been looking for! Tints of red and gold add warmth and retro charm to any image.  Photography By Emily...
70's--Burnout 70's--Burnout


This darker, heavier matte with vignette gives your images a moody feel.  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--DiscoInferno 70's--DiscoInferno


Light leaks, anyone? This preset is lots of fun for all kinds of situations! Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--FarOut 70's--FarOut


This preset is deliciously warm and fades colors just enough to give it that vintage feel.  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--GarageBand 70's--GarageBand


Worn in like your favorite pair of jeans, GarageBand gives your images a faded, vintage appeal. Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--Jesse 70's--Jesse


This warm matte with heavy contrast is very unique!  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--MysteryMachine 70's--MysteryMachine


Mystery Machine is a cool toned preset with some fabulous light leaks.  Photography by Megan Jolly Photography
70's--Superstition 70's--Superstition


An ultra-heavy matte preset like Superstition will turn heads! Almost gives an effect like a print on metal, very cool!  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--Tropicana 70's--Tropicana


Add instant vintage flair with a wash of citrus tones.  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--Vegas 70's--Vegas


This preset is every bit as wild and wonderful as its namesake city!  Photography by Liberty Kifer
70's--Zeppelin 70's--Zeppelin


A versatile warm matte for vintage sessions, also translates well to other types of work.   Photography by Megan Jolly Photography