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 Silky Presets was launched in December 2013 by Montana portrait photographer Liberty Kifer (that's me! :)) Portrait work is my passion, and I've always loved editing in Lightroom. Making tools for other photographers has been extremely exciting and rewarding, and I love connecting with my customers all over the world! You can view my work at

My team of beta testers are an essential part of the whole process, from testing new presets before they are released, to helping with customer questions, they help keep Silky running smoothly! Perhaps most importantly, they provide the majority of the images you see on this site! 

Some of my testers have been with me since the very beginning, and others are much newer to the team, here is the current list, in no particular order: 

C&D Photography (Devin Burke)
Laura K Allen Photography
Rock Paper Pictures (Lindsay Kastle) 
Crystal Phillips Photography
April Harmon Photography
Brittany Berry's Photography
Whimsy Candids (Anel Lestage)
Vibrant Lens Photography (Stephanie Johnson)
Megan Milligan Photography
Jacey Jordan Photography
Amanda Laing Photography
Brittany Bennion Photography
Elegant Illusions Photography (Amanda Buckthorpe)
Elizabeth Gleese Photography
Lucy's Photography (Lucy Heyns) 
Dana Faith Photography (Dana Houston)
Courthead Does Photography (Courtney Quinn Christian)
Sonja Stich Fotografias
Nicki Bosch Photography
Brittany Gidley Photography
Infinity Images by Heather Stech

The Silky Presets Philosophy

At Silky Presets, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality; that's why each and every preset we release has been tested time and again by our team of working photographers in every specialty of portrait photography. Our presets stand apart in three important ways:

Variety: Matte, clean-edit, warm, cool, subtle, strong, soft, high-contrast; we have something for everyone. We recognize that there are an infinite number of unique styles in the photography world, and we've made presets that reflect that diversity.

Versatility: Nothing is more irritating than finding out that a preset you bought looks great on the product image, and terrible on virtually all of your images. That's why we have tried these presets over and over again on a huge variety of raw images, to ensure that each will be as widely useful as possible. 

Attention to DetailFrom the time a preset is created to the time it is released, it will go through dozens of revisions, tweaks, and refinements to ensure that the product you receive works reliably, predictably and beautifully on your images. We welcome feedback and are always striving to improve!