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30-Preset Soul Collection

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30 unique, stunning presets inspired by the timeless beauty of film. Silky Soul is a little different from other film presets you may have seen or tried--- they aren't based on specific types of film and don't intend to perfectly imitate any one type. I think that approach can be limiting. Instead, they have been built intuitively and with an eye to beautiful color and skin tones, made to work with a wide variety of images and styles. This set also includes 5 grain presets, allowing you to remove the default grain after applying the preset, or add more grain if you want! And because these presets can react more strongly with images that have a very cool or very warm starting white balance, I've also included a handy Temperature Fix preset to ensure you get great results every time! These accessory presets are included as part of the full collection, or if you're just grabbing a few Soul presets, you can get the accessory pack here for just $5. 

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