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Beyond The Preset Bundle

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All 69 Adjustment Kit presets from our one-of-a-kind Adjustment Toolbox, plus all 69 brushes from the Silky Strokes Master Collection. If you are ready to take the next step in your Lightroom editing, this is all you need! 

Use the Adjustment Kit presets to fine tune the effects of your presets in a few simple clicks; adjust temperature, contrast, exposure, add directional light or vignettes, or use our 10 unique tone curve presets to give any edit a completely custom look that's totally YOU. These also work great as a stand-alone workflow set! 

Our brushes will change the way you use Lightroom. Now you can have perfect control over the smallest details of your images; advanced portrait retouching is a breeze with these stackable, adjustable brushes. AND any of our brush presets can also be applied as radial or graduated filters! These truly are amazing tools!