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Silky Specialty 10/10 - SnowOverlay (LR 5+ ONLY)

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Earlier this year when I was working on Special FX, I had tried to make some snow overlays to go with it, but I never could satisfy myself with how they looked. But, I think I've finally made one I like and would use myself, so I am happy to give it to all of you for use in your work! 

This preset installs just like your other presets (it's not a brush) and to remove snowflakes after applying it, simply open the radial filters from the top Develop panel (it's the circle between the rectangle and the brush.) Then select any you don't want and right click and select delete or simply hit the backspace or delete key on your keyboard. If you prefer, you can also drag and move them wherever you want, or even duplicate flakes to place where you like. 

The snow overlay looks pretty cool by itself, but I've had the most fun with it combining it with some of our other freebies, like MakeItFall and the Frost Brush! (last example shown here uses Frost Brush as well.) 


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