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Silky Specialty 7/10 - Embolden Brush

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I use brushes CONSTANTLY. Often when it comes to a nice texture, I want to play it up, so I'll use a combination of things from Silky Strokes like Spot Detail Enhancer, Deepen and Enhance Color, or Darken & Enhance Color. So I thought it would be neat to make something that kinda combined all those elements into one brush that would be stronger, where most of our brushes are made to be subtler and layer-able. This one is, as the name implies, bold! 

Remember, Silky Presets brushes are made to be used at Feather: 45, Flow: 50, and Density: 60, so make sure your settings are correct for ideal results! 

If you need help installing your brush, try this video:

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